Fun Play between father-SON

Fun Game Play | Father & Son

November 7, 2015





November 5, 2015



funny horror_story_funtings

Funny Horror Stories

November 1, 2015


 Those who love horror movies always like to hear scary horror true incidents from one’s life. When I was school going girl I had a same habit, I like horror movies and true scary stories.

kitten bathing

Cute kitten Bathing

October 31, 2015


 Sink cat tap meeeeow! It is common very to hear that these little fluffy cute kittens hate water like anything. Their little meowing turns into screams when exposed to water. Cats hate water is becoming a universal truth for many cat owners of different breads. This little fluffy hairball is different among his sibling. He […]

Funny Secrets

Funny Secrets

October 30, 2015


 Everyone has secrets. Some secrets are bitter, some are sweet to remember but some secrets are funny and weird. We at times laugh while sitting alone and I believe these funny secrets in our thoughts make us to do so. So if any one laughing alone just assume he has some funny freaky secret to […]

Mobile use by a baby

Cellphone Use by Baby

October 29, 2015


 Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily communications.  Without them we consider our communication system incomplete.  Some people use mobile phones just when they need to talk with their friends but some have habit or you can say it’s their hobby to pass their free time on mobile phones.

funny quotes by funtings

Funny Quotes

October 28, 2015


     Funny quotes are excessive for bringing humour into our lives. They aid to lighten the mood and they are fun to share with friends. After all, as Victor Borges once said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Charlie Chaplin As BOXER

Charlie Chaplin in BOXING RING

October 28, 2015


 Charlie Chaplin is probably the most well-known actor of the early 20th century. He is among those few people from the silent era whom we still recognize without much hassle. Do you guys know that once Charlie Chaplin went to a contest named Charlie Chaplin Look Alike Contest and won third prize. “City Lights” proved […]