funny pics:girls vs boys

September 13, 2015

Boys and Girls are totally different species in so many ways. Don’t agree? Have a look below .


funny scenes of pk movie

August 28, 2015

PK Movie was really a fun to watch. The biggest blockbuster of all time earning more than 700 crore . Here are some of really funny scenes of PK Movie. Pk Movie Comedy Scenes – Aamir khan Achha – PK Movie Funny Scene funny condom scene of pk movie The Dancing Car Funny Scene in […]


funny animals videos

August 15, 2015

Animals are some time very funny creatures . They enjoy the moments so much or do things in such a funny way or some times make funny faces or do some funny stuff with their owners . Here is collection of some of such funny moments from the animal kingdom . Funny Animal Videos Funny […]


funny clips of babies

July 18, 2015

When its something funny and cute then surely its not complete without the cuteness of the kids. They have plenty of time to have fun with the things around. And they do silly but cute things while trying to know the new things around them. Top 10 Funny Baby Videos – Funny Videos at… by […]


funny scenes of college

June 5, 2015

College life is a fun life. Careless college Life is surely the best part of life for so many people. Teasing the friends, dumping the class, cheating in the class, having gupshup with friends, distracting the teachers from there routine teaching to get some time out. There are so many college life things those are […]


Animals Making Funny Faces

May 23, 2015

Animals are always fully loaded with fun and entertainment. They are the fun makers. They don’t need a crowd to amuse themselves. When they are happy you can hear those singing beautiful songs and grinning in joy. Like this bird in the picture that is so happy that it is adorably laughing in its ecstasy. […]


funny girls sms

May 13, 2015

A customer girl asked… A Sardar was working… . for the 1st time in a garment shop… . . . A customer girl asked: . . Underwear dikhana plz… . . . Sardar thora sharmakar: .. . . G aaj pehna nahiN hai .. lolx hahahahhahahaha A salute for girl …. A salute for girl […]


funny videos of people falling

May 11, 2015

Whether you in Europe or in Asia the response for watching someone falling in front of you is usually the same. “The Loud Laughter” . Even if someone gets hurt falling it occurs to the people laughing around after sometime that they have to help the falling person . But surely there are some cases […]