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Animals are always fully loaded with fun and entertainment. They are the fun makers. They don’t need a crowd to amuse themselves. When they are happy you can hear those singing beautiful songs and grinning in joy. Like this bird in the picture that is so happy that it is adorably laughing in its ecstasy. Cats are very comical; they are always looking for a chance to amuse us. Like this funny cat fleering cutely. This is very adorable. When there is a cat, there is a mouse too. White mouse are the cutest of all. These endearing little species are very active. They are a constant source of laughter and entertainment with their frolicsome actions. All dogs enjoy patting. So is this adorable dog that is making a witty face to express its pleasure. Not only land but ocean is also blessed with funny animals. Seals with their funny movements and variety of tricks have made a place in our hearts. It is always fun to see seals making comical faces. Life seems boring if you don’t have a dog in your house. They play with us and sometimes out of the blue make such funny faces that you burst into laughter. The adorable dog in the picture is making such a humorous face that even the dullest person can’t control himself to laugh at it. A sweet cat enjoying its winter in a blanket is looking very popsy. Apes are very mischievous and playful. And this picture of an ape with a broad smile with all the yellow sparkling teeth out is hilarious. Animals love to imitate humans. It seems that the photographer is asking it to say ‘cheese’ and it is ready to give its best shot.

Animal’s world is very beautiful. They don’t have any worries like us. They enjoy and make us laugh by their amusing antics. They play with themselves and make cute and funny faces to engross everyone. We are very emotional when we are happy, our face shines and smile automatically appears on our faces. The same is with animals and even birds.

Animals Making Funny Faces

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2 happy-owl

3 cat-tongue

4 laughing-dog

5 funny-hamster