A number of animals are capable of “mental time travel,” proposes they have a deeper indulgent with the world around them. Animals can feel the danger before it comes. Dog and horse are considered to be the most obedient and faithful animals. Cats and dolphins have a quality of playful nature. They have flexible natural qualities which make them popular and loveable between kids and elders.

Mostly people keep dogs and cats as their pet animals. Dogs are faithful and guard them and cats make their spare time playful. You can train them according to your routine and nature. These both animals are intelligent as well as clever and repulsive. They have good memory. This is the reason they always remember their well-wisher and enemies.

Cat intelligence is the ability of learning, thinking, and problem solving possessed by the domestic cat. Cats learn from experiences, observation and imitation. Cat learning capabilities are assisted by a good memory.

Here is a video setting up best example of cat intelligence. Her master is playing a trick, but she keenly observes all the movements and selects the right cup.

Never underestimates animal. They are also a creation of God.