Sometimes we enjoy teasing or making fun of a person whom we love a lot like our spouse or life partner. With them we get totally different expressions, emotions and even sometimes worst but enjoyable reactions. At times their revenge converted into war of pranks, of course sweet little lovely funny tricks.

Here is a video best fits in above situation. In this video you definitely enjoy a little prank battle between husband and wife, but their sugary love still can be felt and seen clearly in it. Well battle starts by husband he scared his sleeping wife and you know no one likes to be disturbed while sleeping. That’s the point from where the war of cute dirty tricks starts. One after other they kept on doing jerky jokes with one another.

The funniest from all of them was the bathroom prank thrown by a wife. It was wisely and cleverly planned. The door lock trick was also good but how can I forget about the pinned slippers which was the best part of this video, the scene when husband fell and sees his wife with revenge in his eyes. For playing any trick perfect timing is very important and this video is an excellent example of it.

This video definitely aids you with many tips and tricks for your spouse. Keep playing!