Selfie Craze

Selfie Craze, Selfie Mania or whatever you want to say, It’s JUST SO FUNNY to bring to light stuffs we do all the time and don’t think for a second, others MAY find it irritating or ridiculous. It’s the time in which we live.

With all this technology, we give opportunity to others to gaze into our lives, no matter how dull or exciting they are. Sometimes these selfies make us funny or idiot in front of others. On internet I enjoy people funny selfies which they took in awkward places and positions.
Those who are conscious about their body and figures take selfies in gyms and in different dresses in which they look slim and smart. Some people think they may look more cute and fab with their pets no matter how ugly and dirty they are. Some people click photos on bathroom seats and forget that their image is reflecting in mirror making their selfie funny and making them idiot.
How can I miss Car Selfie. You sit in a car and thought waooo how gorgeous and fab I’m looking today, first let me take a selfie before going to my work place where I clean toilets.
The goodnight selfie with closed eyes pretending to be sleep, everyone knows that you are awake I mean who take selfie while sleeping and wake up selfie to say good morning to your fb friends.
The most on-going selfie style the duck face selfie , it’s the most funny style. Girls and boys with this style think they look cooler with it but it makes them more idiot and joker.
Just browse funny selfies and I bet it will make your day full of laughs and giggles.