Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily communications.  Without them we consider our communication system incomplete.  Some people use mobile phones just when they need to talk with their friends but some have habit or you can say it’s their hobby to pass their free time on mobile phones. Mothers at home mostly kill their time or if they don’t have time to meet their friends spends time on mobile phones. Women spend hours on mobile phones while talking.

There are many ways that parents can influence their children. They always adapt and follow their parent’s actions even their styles. My younger daughter walks like me. She rolls her eyes like I do. She loves to tie her hair as I do. Beside these she talks on the phone just like me and follow my style of picking up a call with smile and sweet hello.

In above video I want to share this experience with you. A cute little toddler who doesn’t even know how to hold a mobile phone is following her mom’s actions and expressions while talking on mobile phone. Obviously she has no phone call to receive but she is brilliantly expressing and portraying her mother’s way of talking on mobile phone. It is the best example of how kids follow their elders. The way this little baby moving her hand and giving face expressions are making this video full of humour and hilarious.