Everyone has secrets. Some secrets are bitter, some are sweet to remember but some secrets are funny and weird. We at times laugh while sitting alone and I believe these funny secrets in our thoughts make us to do so. So if any one laughing alone just assume he has some funny freaky secret to tell. Here I compile some funny secrets to enjoy. Please don’t tell anyone about them!

  • I listen to my favourite fast music at nights alone in my room when everyone is sleeping and guess what I dance naked in my room.

  • I sang in bathroom with hand shower in my hand assuming it a mic and feeling myself a super rock star.

  • Once I pushed my teacher from back while she was picking up something from ground and guess what she fell down and broke her wrist. She is still unaware of this and I was her favourite student.

  • One day I pee on my bed and told my mom that my younger brother did this

  • I gifted my mom’s favourite and expensive dress to my girlfriend’s mom just to make her happy with me.

  • I was 18 when I stole my own car from mall parking area and sold it on half price just to raise money for my night club party and my parents still don’t know this bitter secret.

  • I eat full ice-cream tub in winter at night just to get fever because I don’t want to go school in the morning, I got high fever and had to admit in hospital for five days. Bad experience.

  • I gave expired food to those who are rude to me. Restaurant waiter.

  • I eat toothpaste when I was pregnant in locked bathroom.

Hope you guys enjoyed these secrets with me.