Sink cat tap meeeeow! It is common very to hear that these little fluffy cute kittens hate water like anything. Their little meowing turns into screams when exposed to water. Cats hate water is becoming a universal truth for many cat owners of different breads. This little fluffy hairball is different among his sibling. He loves to take bath with Luke warm water along with his ducky. Cute isn’t it? This isn’t his first time neither the last time.

kitten bathing

Cats normally have to be trained to love water with some positive reinforcements. Persian cats normally have good hair growth and needs a lot of bathing time to get themselves clean and flea free. Hence their bathing gets more prolonged and a painful method. Starting from clipping and trimming to brushing their hairs and then giving them a good massage with their shampoo, though shampooing is a soothing process of all. And all the way down these processes you will hear these adorable little creatures helplessly meowing.

kitten bathing1

While looking at these cute kittens bathing it is easy to guess how hard the process is for the pet lover to convince them for a bath. The best way to give them a bath is to find some good and relaxing time when these mischievous hair balls are off to sleep. This will help them stay calm and love their bathing process. Help them with some positive reinforcement like providing them their ffavouritefood once they are done with their bath or give them their favourite toy to play with while bathing. This with give them a positive vibe about the bath time rather than making them afraid of it.