Those who love horror movies always like to hear scary horror true incidents from one’s life. When I was school going girl I had a same habit, I like horror movies and true scary stories.It’s another thing that after hearing them I feel fear for several days and never went alone in any room of my own home alone. Here I gathered some true funny horror stories or incidents that I heard from others in my child hood, hey I forgot to tell you some of them are mine, happened with me.
Once doing my artwork at home when I was kid I lost my scissors in junk of several things I spread all over in my sitting launch. I searched for it everywhere in my sitting area under sofas, under the table, behind the curtains and cushions but I couldn’t found it, at the end for completing my work I had to take another one from my cupboard. I remember clearly I found it everywhere on sofa on table under each and every mess which I spread in my launch. Guess what, what happened, when I did my work finish I gathered all the things and put them back at their place and after some time when I came back in launch to watch T.V the scissors were in front of my eyes was there on my sofa clearly I could see it. I believe till now it was taken or stolen by some spirit and gave back to me after its work done.


This incident was happened with my physics teacher. Once she told our class this story in free time. In summer vacations when she was school going she visited her grandpa mansion in an old village. Her grand pa mansion was very old and big. It had many big rooms and a library in one corner. One day she was sitting alone in library busy in reading some books after reading she switched off lights and fans of library and came out from the room. When she was closing door she heard a weird and loud clear voice of a man saying that please switch on the light and fan I’m sitting here. She looked insight again but no one was there. She screamed and ran to her mother.