Nothing’s better than listening to “I love you mommy, daddy” in your child’s lovely voice. When you first hear you kid saying I love you it is indeed a milestone in your life, but these little love bites are still young and are in their chatting stage, The are living their own fairy tale and learning the lifestyles with a quantity of toys and characters in the form of super heroes, unicorns and princesses, hence when they come up to express their love, that particular conversation turns out to be one of a very funny yet cute one.


Here are some unique and cute dialogs kids had with their mommies while expressing their love

  1. “DS tells me that he’s going to put syrup on me and eat me up. I take it as a compliment since he loves pancakes!”
  2. “‘I love you as much as stars, unicorns and rainbows!’
  3. “My bundle of joy can’t quite say ‘love,’ so she says, “I too, Mommy.’”
  4. “She doesn’t realize that we kiss with our lips, so she smacks her tongue against the roof of her mouth to mimic a kissing sound.”
  5. “I love you three much.”
  6. “I love you like many Christmas trees and superheroes.”
  7. “When my daughter first started saying ‘I love you,’ I would always respond with an ‘I love you too, baby.’ So then she started just saying ‘too, baby.’ And that’s how we’ve said it ever since!”