We all like to watch T.V. Some people like to watch horror, some like drama where as some like family dramas and films. I gathered a little pile of some interesting funny facts about your favourite programs and films.

  • Always hero fights alone with a bunch of bad guys. He never dies, whereas gangster dies or get hurt by single hit.
  • In a movie hero or his enemies can jump from 100s of feet.
  • Hero can fight even after getting bullet.
  • He can run faster than a car.
  • He got saved after hitting by car, as if he is made up of plastic or something.
  • In Hollywood horror movies evil thing never dies even after a full story, it comes back at the end.
  • If you see horror movies without music you will not be able to control your laugh on faces which actors are making.
  • In Indian dramas, women always are in full makeup and heavy jewellery even if they are cooking or washing dishes.
  • There is always a woman in Indian dramas who tricks other.
  • In dramas and movies kids get older but the parents remain same as they were in young age.
  • In movies kids are not scared of any animal no matter how ugly and dangerous it is.
  • In movies birds and animals can also talk

There are so many other facts, it’s a huge heap but I only presented you a little piece. Hope you enjoyed with me